Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Related To This Body

Sorry about my prolonged absence, work has been kicking my ass lately!

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  1. How twisty, Addie! Do you mind if I...

    "... "Remember when we would have a little," Dan started to ask and hopped his little ass onto the counter, "appetizer and make-out in the kitchen before fixing dinner? Well, inside, I'm still the man who loves you, Tricia." Dan began lifting his tank-top up his slender torso, saying, "And I'd really like the woman I love to be the one who uses her manhood to make a woman of me, honey-buns!"

    Despite knowing how desirable most guys found Tessa, Tricia simply didn't see her little sister that way. "I know it's you in that body, Dan. And I will always be here for you and protect you... But only as my little sister, Tess!"

    "Fine, Tricia!" said Dan, hopping off the counter. "If 'protecting your little sister is what you want; Just remember who's really in the body of that hunky q-b when I bring her home after the dance and you hear me screaming in ecstasy while your sister's male member make my membership in the world of females complete" and he stomped-off like a petulant little girl! ..."

    ...share the direction I see this conversation going?