Sunday, November 8, 2015

Her Own Medicine

Click below for a two-part caption!


  1. Wow, this these captions are great. I love the story and the images. Wonderful job!

  2. You should make a sequel to this!

  3. Oh, say it ain't so, Addie! That's such a magnificent view, it would be horrible to see those mountainous breasts eroded out of revenge! After all, the many boys she's surely got pining for her affections would probably leave her flat upon discovery of her anomalous appendage, likely ruining her social calendar.Maybe James - er, Jamie? Jasmine? - could just start by making her new member ever-hard and impossible to hide. Or make her voice deeper than the biggest, blackest line-backer on the team. But, if his revenge must be exacted through the deflation of Ashley's fabulous, female flesh-bags... I sure wouldn't mind have them!!!

    Love it, Addie!