Wednesday, October 7, 2015

October 2015 Caption Contest!

This year's caption contest is officially open! Click below for official rules

  • Your caption may be no more than 3 panels long
  • Your caption must be submitted by October 29th, 2015, 11:59 PM Pacific Time (California Time)
  • You may choose any theme/universe you like (Role Exchanger, MAU, Great Shift, etc.)
  • Your caption must be submitted via email to by the above time
  • One entry per person
  • One re-entry per person, which will cancel out your first entry
But here's the kicker

  • You must use a picture that I have already used in a caption!
Ever thought one of my caps could have been better, longer, or been used for a completely different story? Here's your chance! Any picture that I've used for a caption that is currently posted on this blog may be used to create your very own caption! You have nearly 400 hundred pictures to choose from if you choose to enter. Obviously, saving a caption I've already made and re-entering it without changing it will disqualify you.

This covers all pictures from my first post, Flexibility, to my most recent post, Cave In. You may not use a picture that is posted after the announcement of this contest.

The winner will be the featured post on this blog's 3 year anniversary, this Halloween!

Make sure to put "Anniversary Cap Contest" in the subject line of your email, have fun, and may the best caption win!


  1. Oh sweetie, I hope you never took any of my "epELLEogues" as meaning I don't love your work and find it erotic & inspiring!


    1. It wasn't a snide comment at you hun, in fact you were the inspiration! I've not heard of a caption improvement contest so i figured id try it out ;)

    2. I hadn't thought it was, Sweetie. Just masking sure you know how I feel about your work. And after your invitation to participate, I'm flattered to be the inspiration for your anniversary contest, Addie!!! It is a unique concept, and a great way to commemorate your past pieces!!!


  2. If I make a 2 panel cap, do both pictures have to be from your captions or just one?

    1. I hadnt thought about that... But I did say *A* picture, so just one will do ;)