Friday, October 23, 2015

Happy Birthday To Me (October Request 7)

Requested by Shadow Wolf


  1. Oh yes thank u for this. This was really good. And she is hot i might add.

  2. I'm sorry, Shadow Wolf, but don't you mean, "I am really hot like this, I might add!"? (assuming, of course, that you are the "Adrian" character.)
    Yes, Addie! It is really hot! But, I can't help myself so, I hope you're both okay with...

    "... But, worldwide pandemonium aside; At that moment, Adrian was too consumed with the sensation of his deepest desire's womanhood consuming the manhood of the young woman now in the body beneath him! And she was so intrigued with how it felt to have her new probe penetrating a place like she'd had only moments before that she used her strong arms to continue holding the "woman" aloft as she experimented with varying depths of penile insertion!
    The newly consummated couples' life-changing climax was not far off! But the results thereof would be nine months in the making. And both parents are proud to have adapted to their new lives, together with the fruit of their lovingly-lustful loins! ..."