Tuesday, August 25, 2015

X-Change II

As I understand it, there are SEVERAL different types of X-Change available on the market...

  • Men take pink pills to become women, women take blue pills to become men.
  • X-Change Basic: Effects last ~4 hours each, no pregnancy risk/risk to impregnate.
  • X-Change Xtra Strength: Effects last 30 days, with lowered pregnancy risk/risk to impregnate. Pills can be stacked, taking 12 in a row without causes the effect to become permanent with a normal pregnancy/impregnation risk.
  • X-Change Plus: Effects are permanent with normal pregnancy/impregnation risk. Taking the opposite colored pill will not change a subject back to their original gender.
  • X-Change (Formula subject to change): Cheapest version of the pill sold on the street, usually with an altered or in-testing formula. High pregnancy/impregnation risk, Pregnancy in men-turned-women results in permanence, if not already a side effect of this pill. Can lead to mental and/or continuing changes in the subject.
I've also seen a few odd-ball pills, including Half-n-Half, Swell, Denial, and Clone to name a few. Even some off-brand pills, half the quality at half the price ;)

Let me know what you guys think of X-Change! Should I make more? Stop making them all together? Only make them as gif/webm files? Leave a comment and let me know!


  1. They're good. It's a good idea that could be expanded with other captions quite easily I think.

  2. "... so we can try to mend some fence and overcome our differences. ..."

    I hope you don't mind this short, simple 'epELLEogue', Addie. It has been a while.

  3. I LOVE this X-Change stuff!

    I wonder if she'll let the drummer join her new girl band?... ;)

  4. I love X-Change but does it exist a celebrity version?