Thursday, January 15, 2015

Rabbit In Heat

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  1. Okay, Addie, I can't help but think that you leave some of your pieces open-ended this way because you like to have others drop an "epELLEogue" in the comments. Or, maybe it's just to let your readers' imaginations run amok. Either way...

    "... but as Mike became more accustomed to the messages his "alien" body was sending, the more he began to realize that with this body he could actually gain some control over Cody. Once 'Mikkie' assured Cody 'she' would behave if he set the app on 'Free-Range-Fuck-Bunny', the former man added some teasing to their foreplay. And, of course, neither knew it would be the MAU's last sample use when Mikkie convinced Cody they should try some lesbian sex together. ..."

    Hmm, maybe even with an identical body?!!