Sunday, January 4, 2015

Mixed Up Words


  1. "...Suddenly realizing that his incredibly sexy female body was also incredibly horny, Tom knew that his wish had included a verb as well. So, in the hope that fulfilling his wish entirely might return him to normal, Tom grabbed Chance and led him into an unused room, saying, "You insisted I come to this fucking party, and right now I feel like the sexiest woman ever so, let's get the fucking part over with! Then, maybe I'll change back into a man."

    Naturally, completing the wording of his wish made Tom permanently into the busty bombshell 'Tawny'. So, Tom's best year ever started with a major bang!!! ..."

    Words can be so tricky!
    Peace,Love&Kisses for the new year, Addie!

  2. i wish i could do what you did so i can have sex more often

  3. I wish I was a woman. even just average looking. Shooting star where are you ?