Saturday, November 22, 2014

Waiting For Her Decision

Well? What did she say?!


  1. Could I ask for a caption done in this style? Done with Delia DeLions?

  2. "... but,no matter how great his need grew, Steve's vestigial maleness did not! Even through his unparalleled arousal and the look of near satisfaction on Jenny's face, his member merely retreated with each stroke if the wand in his back-side while his heavy tits bounced to the rhythm of his undulating ass. The pressure built in Steve's scrotum as his nipples sent waves of goose-flesh over his smooth skin to meet at his dwindling meat, which had become barely more than a tender, pink nub where his balls were being forced past his pelvic plate and their empty sack grew hot & moist.

    "It's time," whispered Jenny as she reached for the glass wand, "for you to be, COME, STEVIE!" and quickly pulled it from the grasp of both his hand and his ass!

    The sensation sent Steve into tense convulsions and his legs slapped together as the orgasm hit! But it was like none he had ever had as its focus started in the tiny protrusion of a head between his thighs and shot around the puffy bulge where his testes no longer hung, then inward! His body shuddered, curled into a fetal ball of quivering flesh, as both relief and new pressures drove into his body!

    "That's it, baby!" Jenny encouraged, "Take it all in! Soon you'll be ready for me to use this in your hungry, new depths!," as she rubbed the wand against her own clit and moved her crotch toward Steve's face. "But first, you need to help me decide its size. Now, suck my clit!"

    Stevie reached for Jenny's button with his tongue and before long found his bee-stung lips enveloping a growing, throbbing, phallus-like appendage while his manicured fingers began to explore the sopping-wet orifice which now filled his flat crotch! Jenny smiled into his eyes as Stevie sucked & slurped eagerly on her swelling clit-enis, wanting to make her come, but not too soon, lest she not be well-hung for him!..."

    Hey, Addie! Have a merry XXX-mas! Sorry for the rambling epELLEogue, but it's the first thing like a caption I've written in some time, hon!