Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Six Requests?!

I haven't made any caps for about a week now (excluding this batch) because of RL stuff, and in the time I was gone you guys just decided to try your best to SWAMP me with requests! So here they are in no particular order, I hope you enjoy!

These two are for Liara

For Eddie

For Dimitri

For DynamiteMonkey6

And last but not least, for Bah Lies

Hope you all had a safe and sexy Halloween, and here's to continuing the third year of Assorted Debaucheries! ;)



  1. Not sure if you do requests for anons but how about this: A young man gets revenge on his high school bully by possessing his bully's mother and doing increasingly inappropriate acts with other people to humiliate the bully

  2. Amazing!!! Thank you so much :) -Liara.

  3. Awesome work !!! all are so good,but i like more the 1,2,4,5 Thx and more of this pls ^^

  4. i love ur work :'D i u accept request,pls take that: a young man/woman go to swap bodies with a beautiful girl.When the swap is done, She/he Realizes that the beautiful girl is a shemale,who runs away with her/his original body (sorry my bad english,i hope u understand me ;P)