Sunday, October 26, 2014

Can't Let Go

This caption exists thanks to a request from an anonymous user who commented on my last post :)

For those of you who aren't reading the mobile version of this blog, take a glance at the right side of your screen - I've updated the "Facebook, Requests, Welcome!" portion a bit and as of today I will no longer be taking requests for caps that are left in the comments. A lot of times I just never see them and so I unfortunately can never get around to them! (If this has happened to you, email me with your request again and I will be sure to get it up ASAP!)

One last thing: the Caption Contest is ending soon! I have lots of really good entries so far, but there can be only one! It's not too late to submit if you haven't already! Happy capping, my debaucherous darlings ;)



  1. "... or my sensitive, silicone sacks unless there's something big & hard for me to take hold of or someone to handle my tits for me! So, come here. I know you want to touch all of my smooth, firm curves as much as I want you to! Besides, we'll make a perfect pair on stage with that juicy, female flower adorning your towering, chiseled, male physique! I bet that once I slide inside your tight little twat you won't want to let go either!!! ..."

    Pretty damn HAWT, Addie!!! Or, Damn hot & pretty!!? Requests sure aren't the only things your get up quickly, Dear!!!

  2. Amazing cap!! :) I love your Role Exchanger stuff. And especially genital swaps ;) Bet the bartender loves his new pussy too ;)

  3. what would it take to have and enjoy having"69"with you?