Thursday, September 25, 2014

Extra Playful

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  1. "... I watched the guy's rod begin to soften as I licked the deposit of his third load off my chin while the first two oozed from my, now permanent, womanhood. He reached behind his head and I heard a hissing, like air leaking from a tire followed by that of a zipper opening. His face crumpled as his hands pulled it over to become a floppy mask beneath the head of... Angela!?! {what an erotic juxtaposition}, I thought.

    "Surprise!" she giggled. "Now that Addie is here to stay, do you want me to take him off so you can show me how much you still love me? Then we can zip him back to being a man again and share him. Unless you're not into girls any more?"

    After three courses of very filling sausage, I was more than ready for some pie! "By all means, Angela! I prefer the sharing option, so please, unwrap your moist muffin for me!" A couple hours later my BFFWB & I were double-teaming the lucky prick like a pair of porn-stars! ..."

    Don't you love happy ends, Addie!?! ..uh, I mean, endings?