Sunday, July 13, 2014

One Use/A Plea From Addie

Hey ladies, gents, boths and neithers, Addie here.

If circumstances were different, I would NEVER EVER ask, but I need to make a plea to you all...

Before I go on, I would like to clarify that, if my pleading with you here doesn't make an impact on my situation, it does NOT mean I will give up on captioning, or this blog in general.

I hate to admit this, especially here of all places, but I'm flat broke.

I lost my job at Walmart two months ago, and my roommates' patience has run out. No matter how much job-hunting, favor-pulling, plasma-donating or family-begging I do, I just can't find a job (or any decent amount of money) anywhere. It seems like the clock is winding down faster than I can watch it, and every day it just gets worse. I've applied to 3 different temp agencies, tried to get work cleaning houses, even tried to get into places where friends of mine have some say in who gets hired, but alas I have nothing.

Long story short, I need to make $350.00 (USD) for my piece of the rent by the end of this month, or I get kicked out of my apartment for good. I would never ask any of you to donate that amount in full, and honestly I hate to even ask for a piece of that amount, but this is my last ditch effort in scrounging things together.

If you could help me out in any way, shape or form, even just a penny, I would be the most grateful person on the planet, and I will try to pay you back tenfold with captions or even actual money when I get it if that is what you desire.

If you can, please send anything to my PayPal at

Thank you for reading, my debaucherous darlings,



  1. Addie, the real world really sucks sometimes. I sent a personal email to your gmail url, with my offer. Also, do let me know if you want a post at on this subject. We've got to keep a roof over your head; good Capers are precious. >:)

  2. Who is the girl in the picture???

  3. I would really appreciate if someone could tell me the name of the girl please? Thank you
    I'm not the same person as the other anonymous lol

  4. I sent what I can, hope it helps you out, and I wish you luck my friend. :(

  5. Damn, Addie. Firstly; I am sorry for not seeing this sooner! (not that I would be able to help directly, but, like Loki, perhaps by spreading the word.) And secondly; as it is a month since this posting, I do hope that you have managed to have your needs met. (this is the first post I've read here in a while, so I'll check the more recent entries shortly.)

    Here is hoping you are well, sheltered & fed!!!