Saturday, June 28, 2014


Sorry it's been so long, time just seems so far away lately. But, here's a twisted tale with a bit of a twist ;)

What do you think?


  1. brilliant great twist & use of pic. > how does he do as her?

  2. "... Dylan slowly rose to 'her' new feet with the same graceful femininity he'd always found so seductive in Gloria as he relished the the sensations of his smooth skin, the perky nipples atop 'her' shifting breasts, and especially the dampening warmth which reached from 'her' shaved vulva into the yearning depths of 'her' womanhood.

    The look of lustful desire on his former face conveyed the approval of the woman who had now become Master of the house, along with a tenderness that eased Dylan's angst.
    {after all,) 'she' thought, running 'her' small hands up 'her' hips & sides to cup 'her' soft breasts, (who better to acquaint me with my new body than the one who's known it most intimately?!}
    "Jyoo know, Glo-r-r-ria," said the former man in her high, accented voice, then quickly recited the compliance spell before continuing, "jyoo could have wrapped me ar-r-oun' jyoo leeetel feenger before. But now, 'meetser Deelahn', jyoo gonna get to wrap Glor-r-ria 'roun' jyoo beeg steefy anytime jyoo whan'!!!" ..."

    Sorry, ADdie, just had to "even the stakes"!!!