Monday, February 17, 2014

Without Computer (AGAIN)

Well, it would seem I will be without computer yet again for a little while. My 2 year old brother took it upon himself to stomp all over my laptop while I was asleep - the screen is shattered, half the keys are broken, missing, or just don't work, and the motherboard is cracked. I really did want to put more captions up this month, I swear! But until I can get a new computer, I will have to take a break for a while :( on the bright side though, I should have a lot of fresh ideas by the time I do get back, which means more, and better captions for you all!

Until next time, stay debaucherous, darlings! ;)

~A.D. (Addie)


  1. Back Soon please ;_;

  2. Sounds like someone needs punishing and taught not to break other people's belongings :( :( Sorry to hear this, hope you're back soon.

  3. Sounds like he could use a little "petticoat- discipline " maybe and a slight swat on the behind to get his attention. Might teach him a lesson ; on the other hand, maybe you just need to put your laptop somewhere his tinny hand, feet and mind can't conceive of. Real bummer to happen though ; I have to upgrade / replace my old Windows XP with a newer 1-TB tower and it's going to cost plenty. Good luck in recovering from your accident.