Friday, October 4, 2013

Suitably Entrapped [pg 2]

This is the second piece of an incredible 6-page caption created upon my request by the lovely Elle Matthews over at w8z2x4m. Her and I have decided that she will post the odd pages (one, three and five) and I will post the even pages (two, four and six), in an attempt at not only getting each of us more views, but also getting more people interested in the story itself. So here it is, page two!

For page one, click here.


  1. Elle's captions are always amazing!!

  2. Thank you, "Maddie"! *hehehe*
    And thank you, Addie, for making the request! Page 3 is up, here:

    I hope it's not too challenging for readers to deal with our ping-pong match!!!