Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October Caption Contest

Yes, it's a day later than I normally would have started it, but oh well. Click below for this month's rules and restrictions.

  • You are allowed up to 3 panels for your entry.
  • You may use any picture(s) you like, as long as they are not considered illegal in the United States (should be self explanatory)
  • No size limit this time around, but it is preferable that I be able to read the caption without having to zoom in on a particular section.
  • Given the time of year, your entry should reflect a Halloween theme (not required, but recommended)
  • There is no restriction on caption universe (use MAU, Great Shift, Role Exchanger, etc. anything you like)
  • All submissions must be emailed to me at 
  • All entries must be submitted by Saturday, October 12th at 11:59 Pacific Time
  • You are allowed one (1) re-submission, which will cancel your original.
  • Good luck!

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