Thursday, September 12, 2013

And the Winner Is... (September)

Amel Annaba!

Amel is a new captioner, and runs the little-known blog Amel1995 Captions which (s)he has started up since being given the banhammer from DeviantArt for reasons known only to Amel. And while his/her usual captions may be simplistic in style, they are definitely debaucherous in form ;)

Congratulations, Amel! And welcome to the wonderful world of TG! :)


  1. Wonderful!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations Amel =)

    Thank you for running the contest Ms DeBauchery ;) xx

  2. yay I can't Believe it this is the best Birthday gift Ever 'September 13 is my birthday' Thank you Ms DeBauchery And thank you so very mush

  3. Congratulations, Amel!!! I'd imagine the only birthday present better than winning a Cap-Contest would be finding yourself in a body like Frank is now!! Her birthday suit certainly has some presence!.. and, presents for someone lucky!!

    Peace,Love,Kisses & a belated HAPPY-BITRHDAY!!!