Saturday, August 24, 2013

What's The Point?


  1. Wow, love to see your shemale/ts captions. This is one of your finest, most debaucherous works to date.

    -Big Fan

  2. Debaucherous and beautiful too. >:)

  3. Haha, he got the best of everything :D Gotta feel sorry for his sister... NOT, lol.

  4. "... Honestly, Lexi was hoping for a direct exchange of their current forms when things were put back to 'normal', since she really did want to have a dick available in the locker-room after cheer practice! And Logan had always been such a pussy anyway.
    Logan, on the other hand, was truly hoping that 'fixing things' would result in them becoming a set of busty, hermaphrodite twins. The idea of actually being able to do so the next time his sister told him to 'go fuck yourself' was just too damn compelling! ..."

    Nice pull, ADdie!! She's such a cutie, it's hard to decide which side of her skin I'd rather be on!!!