Friday, August 16, 2013

New Below

Many apologies about the wait! I had planned to have this one up almost a week ago, but some things came up which had to take my attention away from the TG world. The most important being I finally got a real job! Yay me! ;)


  1. A masterpiece!! Very sexy, and too bad about Chloe. But its kinda her own fault for using the gun on herself, lol.

  2. Costume Guns are not toys. Should be used as directed. Be careful about Jobs, they can suck up all kinds of time. Good Luck out there. >:)

  3. Nice treatment, ADdie!!! The 3(?) of them should be fine, as long as Aaron texts his friends & fam. about the 'spontaneous trip' he decided to go on.

    And Liz & Loki are both right about 'Cos-Ray control' being so important!

    Here's hoping your new employ is fitting both your likes & abilities!!!

    And, if anyone is interested, I recently posted a different treatment of the same image that I made for Liz & another P.O.-Capper! Yoou can find "Binary Agents" here: