Saturday, July 6, 2013

One More Exchange (for MadSwapper)

Fulfilling a request for our first Caption Contest winner, MadSwapper :)

Also, MadSwapper, I purposely changed a few details as it was easier to write this way. No offense intended to you, it was easier to keep the flow going in my head than to keep going back and forth between the cap and the email to see what I was getting right and wrong.

In any case, stay debaucherous, darlings! ;)



  1. I understand, and thanks for using this pic :) Hope you can do something with the others too :D You're the best!!

  2. Yeah, that Steven is a bent guy -er, girl, now I suppose! Sounds like he'd do well to hook-up with a well-hung midget spirithopper who would mount a full-bodied Dominatrix and put him, -er, her, to work in -or maybe under, the hoist in the garage at her manor!?! Or, maybe that's just the idea formulating in Ste- um, Becky's mind?!

    ){*}( , <3 & :xXx

  3. Ah ha!! I knew Elle would rear her pretty head again, ;) xxx