Monday, July 29, 2013


Hello everyone! Sorry about the wait from my last caption, RL has put me through some shit lately. Anyway, Here's a 3 panel caption, featuring the beautiful and busty September Carrino :) and my first cap involving Bikini Beach (more or less)! :)

Also, a reminder to everyone that I will be starting August's caption contest in just 2 days! Get your creative juices flowing, fellow captioneers, this one's going to be a bit different from the last one. There were several great entries last month, and I hope to see even more this time around! Until then,

Stay debaucherous, darlings! ;)



  1. Just a Great CAP. Really liked how you worked the story and pics here. Thanks. >:)

  2. I'm with Loki!! In fact, where did you say this leak had occurred, ADdie?! Sounds like a great destination to vacation on a budget!

    (and not to pick nits, but aside from the typo on pg 'B', "At the read headlights,...", which would be 'tail lights', I imagine Terri's are now just a bright & shiny as those new headlights beaming on high from Tori's very well-rounded front quarter-panels... rather like the newer T-birds, or a classic Stutts 'Bare-kitty'!!!

    Great work, ADdie!!!

    1. My apologies for the typos, Elle, I was thinking "taillights" as I wrote it but my fingers just wouldn't produce the word... and since I was thinking something else I didn't even pay attention to the fact that I misspelled anything haha :)

  3. I wish I had a body like that!! :) Great cap!!