Wednesday, October 31, 2012

First Post!/Flexibility

Hooray, my first post! To commemorate the occasion, I present to you two versions of the first captions I ever created. I will have much more on the way, so if anyone is seeing this blog yet, be sure to check back soon for more!


  1. From a visual viewpoint, the caption on top is the better cap. It's a more interesting picture to start with, and the white text on a black background looks more professional than the black text on white.

    As far as the story goes, it's decent for a quickie cap, but you could easily expand it into something a little longer, which I think would help you get the kind of response you're looking for.

  2. A little more in some respects, and a lot less in others! Best-case scenario, i.m.o., is that there's nothing getting crushed between his pelvis & the floor in either picture... At least, nothing that isn't designed to have some weight crushing against it!

    It's cool to see your first post here, Addie! Not sure I ever went this far back in your archives. And I agree with Rauk. The visual contrast and apparent attitude lend themselves to a broader array of contexts to draw from. (i don't mean that you need any advice from me, Sweetie!)