Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Enjoying The Feeling

I have decided I'm going to start uploading most of the older caps I'm unhappy with first to get them out of the way. Better stuff on the way!

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  1. The image is pretty good and fits well with the story you've written. The layout is standard for most captions (including my own) which isn't a bad thing.

    The story is solid, but I would try to work on not repeating verbs in back to back sentences. For example, in the first two sentences you use the word "put." You could try changing the second one to something like "when he tried them on" or better yet, drop that part completely, as you've already established he has put on the clothes. This would give you something along the lines of "After three months of persisting, Tom finally agreed to try on Tania's clothes, and he even let her put pink nail polish in him for extra effect. Immediately, he felt an intense pleasure, just what Tania had hoped for."