Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Drinking Too Much

Probably my least favorite of all time, oh well. I figured I may as well share all of my creations.

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  1. First off, there's no reason for you to share a caption if you genuinely don't like it. With that said, posting as many captions as possible is usually how you attract a larger audience. So you have to find the balance between posting often enough to get people to come to your blog, but posting captions of a high enough quality to get them to keep wanting to come back.

    The other thing I would note is to be careful about including text in the actual image, especially as a new captioner. It's really easy to overcrowd the picture and make it difficult to read or to see the image. Obviously this isn't an issue with this one as the story is so short, but it's something to keep in mind. For some great examples of how to do text in the image really well, go check out Caitlyn's Masks (link is on my blog if you have trouble finding it).